How would you describe your style?
My photography is story style and it is candid yet done so with some direction and styling — it has an approachable feel and a relaxed result. I mix this style with artful and creative colorful portraits and group shots.

How many images will we get?
Typically with full day coverage between 400-600 images and many more with late coverage added – more than enough to tell your story effectively.

When will the photos be ready?
6-8 weeks after the big day. Often earlier but this is a realistic time frame.

What is full day coverage?
From the morning at your house or venue up until you are seated for dinner.

Do you stay later? 
Yes. You can choose to have me stay for added coverage of speeches and first 5 dances. There is an upgrade option in my Packages.

I live abroad so its not possible for me to meet you before the wedding, is this a problem?
Not at all we can arrange everything via skype/phone.

How do we book you?
Once you pay your deposit (€200) and fill out the booking from with all your details your date will be put into my calendar and you are all booked!

When do we pay the balance?
On the morning upon arrival or beforehand if that is more suitable.

Do we need to decide on an album now?
No you can decide leading up to the wedding or 3 months after.

Do we need to provide a meal for you?
Only if you are booking for late coverage – a simple meal from the bar would be most appreciated. I do not need to be seated with your guests at all.

Are you insured? Absolutely.